Friday, April 01, 2016

A new start

First of April. I've run every day since mid-January. Only a few minutes around the block at first, but recently I completed 3 runs of over half an hour.

I'd like to do a 24-hour run the year after I turn 60. Barefooted. 

So here I'd like to set up a baseline. 

At the local 600-metre walk/jog course I did 10 laps in 36 minutes. I was trying to go slow, but that's difficult when there are other people around. (I get competitive.)

So I can do 10 km/h pace at 60% effort. The big toes and side of the feet were a little tender as in my first barefoot days. Another statistic was that I took 50 to 55 double steps i.e. 90 cm per stride. Or 172 steps per minute (POSE pace).

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William Lucas said...

And then 2 weeks later struck the earthquakes . . .