Monday, September 15, 2008

Not the September half in Dunedin

Mami hasn't run at all since June. She has a suspected hairline fracture (not covered by ACC).
My training has been sporadic. Neither of us, therefore, took part in last weekend's half marathon in Dunedin - a pity since the weather was glorious. We may take part in the Outram ten next month. Then, for me, it's onto the Shri Chinmoy 24-hour race at the end of November. (The starting date was changed, so I lost a little on my air bookings.)

So, what's new?

My training has been on again, off again. Some little niggles such as calves. The odd cold. And I was trying to train for too different events. Mostly I tried to use the Caledonian. I was - and still am - concerned about the surface. Really, I would prefer asphalt.

I haven't completed any long sessions. I've done two, three or four hours half a dozen times. Each time I realise that a world record is not a foregone conclusion by any means!

I alternate between thinking that 160 km is a cinch, and that it is impossible. Two things concern me: the friction, and muscular endurance.

I've learned through trial and error that alternating running and walking in several-lap bursts is too tough on the system. It is hard to change back and forth. Also, I think that depending on being able to maintain an even pace for the full 24 hours is not realistic.

Here's how I see it:

I need to do a marathon's worth jogging (from 10-12 km/h) and the rest walking (at 5-5.5 km/h). I see most of the running being done early in the day. The schedule could look like this:

walk first lap
jog 40 laps
walk 1 hour
jog 30 laps
walk 1 hour
jog 20 laps
walk 1 hour
jog 15 laps
walk 1 hour
jog 10 laps
walk 1 hour
jog 6 laps
walk 1 hour
jog 4 laps
walk the rest, possibly trying up to 3 laps for as many hours as I can

I can do 10 km barefoot in my sleep - no problem. I'll do three of them every week until after Outram. I need to concentrate on increasing the flexibility in my calves (bent knee) so that the heels touch down lightly while jogging. Otherwise I'm putting too much strain on the muscles and risk injury.

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