Friday, June 06, 2008

Queen's Birthday half marathon

Mami and I took part in the 2008 Queen's Birthday half marathon in Christchurch, though we weren't in the best condition. Mami has been having problems with a calf muscle, and I a niggly side of my foot as well as an unresolved gallstone condition.

Since electronic timers recorded each person's exact start and finish time, I thought I'd start right at the back and enjoy passing a few people. That went well up until about the 15 km stage when people started to pass me. I felt tight about the torso and back, so it must have been the gall bladder.

Mami passed me then, and I thought that I had her, having started at least 3 minutes behind her. No such luck - in the final 4 kilometres I lost a lot of time.

Overall, Mami ran 1.45.01 and I did 1.45.48 I hope to do ten minutes better at Dunedin in September.

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