Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Third time on the trail

In a week's time, I revisit the Otago Rail Trail.

This time, I shall take part socially. Together with Mami and Paul, we've made up a team of three. I've volunteered to do a cycling and a running leg on both days. This is a first for me.

I've never competed on a bicycle before, although I've cycle-toured thousands of kilometres. The pain from cycling hard outweighs the pain from any degree of running, I've always felt. So anyway - a new experience to look forward to.

I thought of using a single-speed road cycle instead of a mountain bike, but I've been talked out of it. Maybe one day. It's just that without ugly dérailleurs they look so cool, and they must be more efficient. And the trail is relatively flat, as I well know.

But I suppose that as well as inclines, you can get a headwind. And so I'll do it the conventional way.

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